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Corporate Nutrition and Yoga Workshops

Nutrition workshops

One of our very favourite parts of our business is delivering nutritionally themed workshops in the workplace. More and more companies are investing into their people and are committed to helping them nurture their health and wellness. Research has shown a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity helps lower stress levels and reduced employee absences due to stress and sickness.

Our workshops are usually based upon a theme, recent ones include immune support, gut health, healthy breakfasts and sustaining energy levels at work. Our workshops are always supported by food, usually an example of a healthy bite, smoothie or even a full plant-based lunch depending on client requirements. We might include a food-demo and get everyone involved in having a go at preparing and sampling a nutritionally-charged bite.

We believe food should be at the heart of any gathering. It makes for a fun session, creates interest, discussion and encourages creativity and adventure - sometimes we will invite our guests to try a new food or drink they haven’t tried before. Food helps bring our discussions to life and we find many people go home and try out the recipes for themselves usually reporting back on the benefits they feel - this for us is fantastic feedback.

But most importantly our workshops are intended to inform, inspire end empower and never never overwhelm.
We are fully aware the science of nutrition is a massive ever-evolving subject. We aim to o
ffer practical take-away tips that can be implemented straight away at home.

Contact us if you’d like us to come and visit - we have several packages that might work for your team.



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