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About Us

Welcome to Tiny Fish Concept, where we bring you gorgeous stylish activewear, lovely homeware, candles, bath salts and natural aromatherapy oils. Then we offer plant inspired food and yoga events and supper clubs, holistic nutrition consultations and food catering for your lunch or event needs. Basically Tiny Fish Concept it a whole wellness brand that encourages healthy life balance that is inclusive, fun and approachable. Please get in touch with us about anything, we'd love other from you. Here is our story:



Hi, I’m Izzy, life long-foodie and mum to 4 lively boys, a very silly labrador and an obstinate cat. Our house is always full of kids, friends, music, and lots and lots of food.

Food has always been central to my life, I was raised in a bilingual-home and spent a lot of time in France with my family whilst growing up. I lived in Paris for many years and developed a passion for food there. I remember the incredible restaurants, the beautiful patisseries with their mouthwatering delicacies in their windows, and the vast buzzing markets with their colourful display of fresh fruit and vegetables and artisan products. Seasonal food was always celebrated which is an ethos I try to live by today.

I also adore art, travel, reading, music, fashion, interiors and anything inspired by nature. One of my other big passions is yoga, which I have been practicing on and off since my late-teens. I promised myself I would do my teacher training at some point and finally committed to this after turning 40 last year. I’m absolutely loving this new path. Life certainly is a journey - it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

I’m a qualified holistic nutritionist and naturopathic student, with a specialism in raw foods. I’m also a fully registered whole foods caterer and absolutely love preparing exciting menus that are not only nutritionally rich in living foods but are also beautiful, creative and delicious. I have a background in complementary therapies which has nurtured my belief in the whole being. I believe everyone is unique and one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to nutritional support.

Whilst I believe optimum health starts with what we put in to our bodies, and whole foods in their most natural form are certainly most nourishing for us a I’m also a big believer in balance. We all have moments when a little indulgence and comfort is exactly what’s needed and those times when we are nourishing our souls are just as important for our wellbeing health and happiness.


Hi guys I'm Kristina. I'm a mama to two delicious boys, a beagle, a border terrier and a gorgeous kitty. My home and kitchen are always filled with kids, friends, pets, yoga, food, music and laughter.

I'm a passionate and fun yoga instructor with 19 years of self-practice and 7 years teaching experience to guide students to their edge while remaining centred. 

I came to yoga after a foot injury that ended a professional ballet career in Toronto. From there I moved to New York to pursue other career paths, yoga then became a way to heal, cope with life changes, stress and to keep the need for movement in everyday life. The practice evolved into taking Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in 2012 in Singapore and then going on to qualify as a 500hr E-RYT along with adding kids/teen, pre/post natal yoga for athletes and Ballet Barre to my qualifications.

 Yoga is a constant learning and evolving practice for me and I am grateful everyday to my amazing teachers Paalu Ramasamy, Chong Wei Ling, Richard Freedman, Jason Crandell, Stewart Gilchrist, Julie Montagu and Erin Prichard and then to all the amazing teachers around me (my incredible students). 

 My classes are a dynamic energetic vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on remembering to breathe and to grow your body awareness.  You will build heat within your body and then that will guide you to deepen and develop your practice through your breath while hopefully having fun.

Along with yoga, FOOD is a huge passion. I'm always, cooking, baking, juicing or fermenting something. I'm a natural chef and nutritional therapist, completing my training with CNM in London. I love the connection between what you put into your body and then how that transcends into how you feel and how you move. Food, movement, mindset all play a roll in us living our best life.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Power Flow Yoga, Mandala Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Chair yoga/yoga for seniors
Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Meditation/Pranayama (breathing techniques)
Nutrition, Food, Fermentation

Tiny Fish activewear was born out of two friend's dream to create beautiful urban inspired activewear with prints and colours that can easily transition from the studio to street stylishly. The name Tiny Fish came from the nicknames of two women who have had lots of twist and turns along the journey but continue to aspire to create, grow and learn.  Tiny Fish has grown and evolved from its very first concepts, but the foundation and spark that starting it all is still there.
Tiny Fish is the culmination of a love for self-expression through fashion, movement, yoga, nutrition and healing arts. The intention and inspiration behind the brand is one of confidence and authenticity, for anyone who wants to express herself through fashion fitness and art. 
We hope you enjoy Tiny Fish as much as we do. It has been an amazing journey. xo

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