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The Start Up life: Activewear Brand

Mar 15 2017

When we dreamt ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to start a yoga inspired fitness brand’, no one ever told us (or we couldn’t even imagine) how many challenges and hurdles would be in the way.
Most days we wake up and really love what we do (even the tough bits). The decision to combine our love for yoga and wellbeing with our love for fashion is what we truly believe in and is the driver of the brand. To bring health, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, confidence and acceptance into the fashion industry is really important to us and ultimately why we started Tiny Fish in the first place. Activewear or rather athleisure wear is a great way to do that as it can highlight the fashion element but with incorporating a healthier more balanced energy through fitness, which unfortunately is often not the case in the fashion industry.
However, that being said there are those days where the realities of a small start up business kicks in and it’s truly exhausting. No one ever talks about this side. How its a competitive market, a tricky market, how one day you are on a roll then next you are not. How there is never enough time. We don’t have formal fashion training so building Tiny Fish to where it is has been very organic and massive learning curve. Mistakes, changes, tears, smiles and fist pump moments are all apart of this lycra legging journey! 
We love comments and feedback, so feel free to get in touch! 
Tiny Fish Co | Tyler White Legging and Sway Activewear Bra


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