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Woman of the Week: Kristina Carman of Tiny Fish

Feb 03 2016

Woman of the Week: Kristina Carman of Tiny Fish

Kristina Carman of Tiny Fish wearing Canggu Beach printed crops

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it- if you can dream it, you can become it” quotes Kristina Carman – hence the birth of her ‘business-baby’ Tiny Fish! We chat to Kristina herself, on body-confidence and self-worth, especially when working in the fashion industry…


  1. We can’t believe that Tiny Fish has only just turned 1! We know that you have creative roots, but what gave you the final push to give birth to your ‘business-baby’ (as it were)?

    When we arrived back in the UK after living abroad I really felt this was now my chance to really try something new and different. It was a bit like make it or break it. I had taken time away from serious work when I had my kids and in that period I studied A LOT and I did my yoga teacher training- more for personal reasons as I really needed to feel back in my body and back in my head after having my boys. But with the yoga training and my previous fashion background I really felt that I could create something in the UK, so here we are Tiny Fish was born mostly because I wanted to have a company that nurtured women as often we don’t see in the fashion industry or sadly in many industries. To give you confidence to wear something you wouldn’t choose to normally and how when we make small changes in our lives it can actually slowly effect every part of you in a good way. To live with intension, kindness and love.

  2. Ok, for a mumma of two beautiful boys, your figure is incredible!! Is it really all down to yoga?

    I think I probably have an advantage because I’m a trained pro ballet dancer, but I teach and I do a lot of yoga, plus I run (not very well) with my dog in the woods where we live. Exercise or even just movement is so essential. I eat well and honestly I eat a lot- just ask my husband. I come from a Hungarian background and food was always so central to the family and that is continuing now with my family and friends. I love a dinner party! I don’t believe in denying yourself anything- have the piece of cake if you want it, just make it a small piece and know when to stop. Self-control is not a bad thing, saying no thank you (even to yourself) is not a bad thing. Also, I think knowing your body, really feeling and understanding your body is HUGELY important and so many of us ignore it. When, I’ve indulged a bit too much I can tell and I feel different, then I know I need to pull back and be sensible. Happiness is not denying yourself something you want the key is in understanding that happiness is about balance, you can’t shovel loads of unhealthy stuff in and expect to look and feel great.  My grandmother always use to say that what goes in your mouth will show up outside. Whether that be your, skin, hair, nails, figure or just simply how you feel daily.

  3. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

    I love porridge: I have this yummy one with chia seeds and a mug of warm lemon water and my supplements- Love it. That’s my go to as its simple and filling. Morning are manic but I can’t function without breakfast. 

  4. So tell us more about the brand name: Tiny Fish.

    Erin my best girl and I lived in NYC together many many years ago and she is this gorgeous tall woman and me standing next to her I look- well- Tiny- she’s called me that ever since. Her surname is Fischer and I’ve always called her FISH- hence the TinyFish. 

  5. We are super legging crazy here at Inner Me. What is your most popular print, and what new creations can we expect to find in the coming year?

    Most popular prints tend to be our long legging style in the more sophisticated prints- the idea behind our brand is about wearable fitness fashion. Styles and prints that can easily take you from studio to street. So even moving forward we’ll always have some whacky fun colourful prints, but also the more “fashiony” prints and tones that are easy to throw on with a great jumper, jacket and some boots.

  6. Is there a quote or mantra that you like to live by?

    Mantra: "What you think about, you bring about” I’m a big believer in manifestation and putting your energy where and to what you want to achieve. Another one that I love and its similar in meaning is: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it- if you can dream it, you can become it”

  7. Where is your favourite place in the world to yoga?

    Fave place in the world for yoga: BALI without a doubt. I love it, it’s the most crazy and magical place. We are going again at Christmas (woohoo)

  8. For those of us with hectic lifestyles (who are we kidding, we all have them!) give us your best yoga pose to help you relax and unwind at the ends of the day

    To unwind at the end of the day: a great asana (or yoga pose) is a simple one: lying flat on your back with your legs up on the wall, creating an L shape. Arms out to the side, eyes closed and breathe. Then yoga is not just the physical practice but breathing and meditation are key, if you can manage it sit quietly for however long you can manage, don’t put pressure on yourself- even 10 minutes is okay. Just sit and focus on your out breath. Inhale for one, exhale for one and so on, but focus on the exhale. You can count one for in, two for out or say in and out- but just sit and breathe. It’s INCREDIBLE.

  9. As well as fuelling your body with a thoroughly nutritious diet, what about supplements? What do you take and why?

    I’m now taking my daily inner me strip- but also, I take Turmeric and Algae (Chlorella and Spirulina) Tumeric because it’s simply amazing for so many things, like inflammation, liver, digestion and the Algae because it makes me feel great, clear headed and high in energy. These are both minerals and highly nutritious.

10.   What other women inspire you?

I’m inspired by so many women actually it’s difficult to name them all: I love women who despite adversity and difficulties are still kind, loving, giving, hard-working a healthy role models. I think you have a choice to become bitter and mean or triumph and inspiring and it’s not always easy to triumph and succeed. 

My grandmother (she lived through so much and never became bitter- she always gave and loved) Yoga instructor Rachel Brathen, yoga instructor and foodie Julie Montagu, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey (LOVE her) Audrey Hepburn, Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, Misty Copeland(ballet dancer) Maya Angelou (author) Toni Morrison (author)- Gosh I could go on and on and on. We need more amazing women role models to stand up and give all of us a voice, women have a lot to say and the world needs to hear it.

For more about Kristina and Tiny Fish, click here:

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