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10 tips to make yoga that much more fun!!!

Jul 01 2015

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise for both body and mind so make sure what you wear to yoga is functional and appropriate for the style and type of yoga you are doing. Light, breathable fabrics, that wash well and are low maintenance are ideal. I love layering, then as the my practice progresses and body warms, you can shed unwanted clothes. 
TinyFish is a fun London based fitness fashion brand that specialises in amazing printed leggings that are inspired by yoga.  Made from amazing breathable Lycra, the leggings are perfect for yoga but not limited to only the studio, which is great!!! The concept of the brand being that you can wear from the studio to the street by adding your own style stamp to each print. Stay tuned as lots more fun leggings and other transitional pieces will be arriving throughout this year! Shown here is Encinitas and Piha printed crops.
For those with slippery feet: 
Toesox are super fun colors and effective for warm classes!
I like wearing a sports bra then a loose tee/tank or sweater on top for my practice. Sea, Soul and Snow is a british brand that has great tees and sweats. 
Then also for fun, inspiring tees from 
Spiritual Gangster are always good : and Five Feathers has amazing and inspiring "fearless" and "With Intention" Tanks that I LOVE
Hydration is key- before and after class. I love the S'well water bottle: keeps cold for 24 hrs! does! 
Or hot for 12 hrs! 
In the most beautiful designs.. Santorini is my fave pick! 
For those who like a post class snack (me) Julie Montague who is a yoga instructor extraordinaire and foodie makes these amazing little JUB balls of deliciousness, that taste amazing and are good for you too. I always have some in my bag. Check out her site for stockist, but I get mine at Little H a yummy cafe on the New Kings Road in Fulham.
Most studios will have yoga mats to use or borrow, but I like to take my own. It’s magical practicing on these fun yoga mats I got in Venice Beach, CA! 
Other amazing mats that I love are from La Vie Boheme Yoga
Fun, affordable yoga mat bags to change up your look! 
For those with slippery feet: 
Toesox are super fun colors and effective for warm classes!
And finally because yoga has a lot to do with expression and being your true self.  What better way to do that is with jewellery. Some of my favourites that are always inspiring me to style up my TinyFish leggings are: and
Most importantly, just try yoga, it doesn’t matter what you look like or whether or not you can touch your toes- just try and try different styles. There is definitely something for everyone and its truly an amazing practice that not only impacts you physically but -with regular practice- your whole outlook on life.

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