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Yoga Yoga Yoga in Baja, Mexico

Jan 26 2016

Upward facing dog and Tiny Fish OM blue leggings
I've been practicing yoga since a foot injury ended a very long ballet career and training. At the time I felt I needed something that was going to give me the movement and motion that I craved and so desperately missed from dance. Yoga did- however it also gave me so much more. I know everyone reads constantly about the benefits and how great yoga practice is and some of it is all a bit much to take in, or simply just a little cheesy and can put people off.  But for me, I look past all the hype (partly because of yoga training and experience and partly because with everything you should be sensible and take from it what works for you) around yoga where its gotten twisted and turned into a fashion and a lifestyle choice for some but I fused it into my life as a way to cope. As a fall back to make my life and whatever I was going through more balanced and manageable. 
Canggu Beach printed Tiny Fish crop leggings
We all struggle with something, and I truly believe that its all part of the journey. You must overcome hurdles in order to move forward and to really live a rich and happy life. Some sadly never really get over those hurdles and use their issue to complain about how nothing goes well for them. Energy, whether good or bad flows where you focus it. Yoga and the whole practice of yoga, down to conscious eating and healthy lifestyle choices for me and my family is honestly what has helped me survive some really tricky challenges in the past and continues to be my support now. 
Tiny Fish Canggu Beach leggings
I have a busy home life, with two small boys and a husband who like myself is an entrepreneur, but travels away for work often. Leaving me to juggle a lot. I love my life and don't get me wrong, many have it hard then we do, but some days the juggle is really exhausting and frustrating. The last thing that I want to do is practice yoga- whether in the morning or evening. The energy and desire is simply not there. But I try even if its 10 minutes of meditation with my eyes closed focusing on my breathing or a few stretches to really feel back in my body and back in control. Taking this time for myself is what makes me a better person every day. I'm kinder to my kids, I'm more tolerant and patient (and I'm not patient at all- but working on this) I listen better rather and I'm more present. So yoga is not only good for my body which I need the exercise and movement but also by doing something for me, that's only for me all the other areas of my life are better and happier.
These photos attached are from a recent sailing holiday in Baja Mexico(hubby is an avid sailer- so the family get dragged along, poor us right?)
We are so very very lucky to be able to travel the way we do and I know this is not something that everyone can manage. These poses you see are some wonderful ones that you can practice at home as well. It doesn't take long, just get the mat out and a few minutes is sometime all you need. Before you know it your body will be stronger and stronger and your whole life changing positively around you.
Sway printed Tiny Fish leggings
Handstand is an incredible posture and a very important one in yoga, but I do very strongly suggest that you prepare your body before trying as its an advanced asana and needs proper technique. Lots of studio offer fantastic crash course to beginners so you can really grasp the key elements so then walking into a packed class or starting a home practice doesn't feel intimidating.
Om Blue printed Tiny Fish leggings
Sway printed Tiny Fish leggings
So after all that, why not start 2016 off with something new. Not a resolution that won't be kept, but more an affirmation that you will try to do something every day that is for yourself. Do something that you love and see your attitude and outlook shift. Whether you are new to yoga, or need to reignite your practice or your hobby is something totally different, the point is that you need to do something that fills you up. Trust me if you make it matter you will always find the time.
Kristina x
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