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Life in Bali

Nov 17 2014


We were lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to live in Bali after our time in Singapore. We didn't know much about Bali, apart from visiting a few times, but thought this was a great chance to try something completely new, so we went for it.

It is truly the most incredible place, on all levels.  However, sanitation, sewage, drinking water and traffic due to lack of infrastructure are big problems, and growing problems as the island develops and becomes more affluent. I hope that in time they will find a way to sort this out. The people are absolutely amazing, the food delicious and the balinese culture, their religion and traditions are really humbling. The balinese find family, their beliefs and traditions far more important then anything else- even more then work and earning a living. Part of their wages often go to the temples and to support extended family. Money and status is not what seems to drive them, and yet they are happy. I think this is something that we can all learn from. They are happy, caring and kind.

Living there as an expat, however is not so easy, as its just such a relaxed holiday place. If you want anything done urgently, it simply does not happy, it will happen but on Bali-time. The pace is slower and there just isn't that hunger for getting ahead that you find in more developed places. For instance, the supermarkets are at times an eye opener, where you just buy what you need when its available because next week, it may not be and my not be again for may weeks. This is due to almost all their food, produce and products being imported on the island.

Living there has thought me a lot about myself, the levels of my ambition the closeness of my little family, and I questioned and learn about what I valued most. My boys loved it. They swam and played and made beautiful friends. We also had lots of visitors- but unsurprisingly Bali will draw lots of people to come and stay. Lots of our TinyFish names and print influences came from our time in Bali and all future pieces will be influence from there as well. Its my way of keeping that part of our time alive and to bring a little bit of Bali magic to everyone. 

Balinese women and children in traditional dress.
Rice farmers
Cheeky little gecko having a rest on the A/C remote
My cheeky little boy
Some of the best shopping can be found here. Unique and interesting jewellery, clothing and furniture
Beautiful beaches

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