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Fashion Is FUN

Nov 17 2014



I LOVE fashion, beauty, makeup, art, dance, colours, prints, photos and I always have. From before I can ever really remember these have always been what got me excited. Its simply how my brain works, though colour, shape and creative vision. It may sound vain, but my motivation is not from vanity but simply love. I don't judge others by what they do or don't wear and it isn't about trends, its more just what I know and who I am- my brain sadly doesn't do spreadsheets! This blog post will be a collection of outfits for inspirations. Life is fun, lets have fun!!!


Flats and boyfriend jeans with a comfy sweater over a simple white tee...easy and stylish.


There are some days when even thinking about having the energy to pull yourself together in something other then black yoga pants or sweats is hard. But having access to ideas, tips and tricks is a great resource and before you know it you feel great for making the effort. Effort always counts. How we present ourselves- whatever our style has a direct impact on our outlook.

Birkenstocks rock.


Investment pieces.

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