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Yoga's Sister Science: Ayurveda!

Oct 15 2014

Yoga's Sister Science: Ayurveda! 
Recently I was fortunate enough to attend an Ayurveda Practitioner Training with the incredible master Vijaya Stern of Laguna, California. What the heck is Ayurveda you may ask?!? Well don't feel out of touch- much of the Western world is unfamiliar with this ancient healing medicine which originated in India thousands of years before what we now know as modern medicine. Its an amazing healing process that goes hand-in-hand with yoga and asana practices. 
The goals are simple- balance the body and the mind, and restore lasting health. The practices range from taking prescribed herbs to intense cleansing rituals to daily practices like self-massage and 'oil-pulling' (a practice that has gained popularity for its ability to whiten teeth, while eliminating many toxins from the mouth and body- you basically swish sesame or coconut oil in you mouth for 5-20 minutes every morning.)
I also had a private session with the Ayurvedic doctor, who took my pulse, looked at my tongue, asked me a ton of questions about my health, daily routines, diet, and lots of other things. She was amazingly intuitive and could tell I was eating salads all the time and that I wasn't eating meat, among many other things. She diagnosed my 'dosha' or body/mind type- there are 3 kinds- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which help determine what kind of diet and herbs were best for me. She also told me it would be great to add meat, avoid raw veggies, and add a special butter called Ghee to my foods because apparently my cells were chronically dry. She prescribed a delicious 'Hydrating Elixir' for me to drink daily to increase my hydration level- it tasted like a mojito without the booze- love it! 
Overall, I was able to follow most of her suggestions, although I am still working on the sugar levels I ingest! And I can honestly say I have much more energy than I did before my visit, and its been about 2 months already! I am sleeping more soundly, maybe too well- I was late for work yesterday...and I feel more satisfied after eating. I am diving in head first to learn as much as possible about this healing medicine, and I encourage our Tiny Fishies out there to look into it if you are interested in some different ways to feel great and live the good life :) 
love and light
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