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Mountain Yoga

Oct 03 2014

Yoga in the Rockies! 
Recently, I was in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains for my lil Brother's wedding, and happened to stumble upon an amazing group of yogis who were planning big hike up Black Mountain, to an elevation of 10,870 ft (3,313 meters), in the Arapaho Basin followed by a yoga class held against the most breathtaking backdrop I've ever seen. This gorgeous opportunity was totally unplanned and truly was a gift from the universe. I just happened to see a flyer for the event 2 days prior...proof that when we are open to opportunity, things unfold before us that we can not even imagine! 
I was nervous about the elevation, given that my body is acclimated to the SoCal lowly elevation of 52 ft. (16 meters) above sea level! However I relaxed into the climb, and let my breath guide me up the mountain. 
The view from the top was epic, and the vinyasa class was the perfection.  20-year veteran teacher Allison Simson had this to say about yoga on the mountain: 
"Yoga cultivates the mind-body-spirit connection that allows the brain to effectively direct the body with ease and grace. The more aware you are of your body's position in space, the better able you are to direct it. We play with strength, flexibility, and posture alignment in the fresh mountain air." - instructor Allison Simson
Couldn't have said it better myself :) 
Om Shanti! 
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