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Yoga Holiday

Oct 03 2014


This was the first time I’d taken a yoga holiday where I wasn’t the teacher, but the student. We had just recently arrived back to London after many years living abroad and I really need something to ground and calm me down from all the upheaval we had experienced moving back to the UK.

It was amazing. I went to Santorini, Greece, organized by The Power Yoga Company (fab studio) in Fulham, London taught by the amazing Erin Prichard. It was truly such a wonderful experience, yoga every day with lots of free time for exploring the island. I came home feeling healthy, rested, and fitter, feeling rejuvenated. I cannot advocate enough the benefits of doing something like this; if you can swing it you should definitely do it. Even if yoga is not your pleasure then whatever takes you away from your everyday life and into doing something different is a great thing. Challenging yourself in everyway and stepping out of your comfort zone is how we grow as a person. Plus, don’t forget it makes life interesting. I certainly came home missing my family but excited to share my experiences with them. I went through all kinds of emotions, from guilt to feeling selfish to happiness to exhaustion- but all were needed and now I’m looking forward to planning my next holiday.

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