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Yoga bunny

Mar 18 2016

Yoga has been apart of my life for a very long time now. A journey where some days I love it and come easily to my mat and then others where I can't stand it.....but I still show up, because its part of who I am. The practice- as its called, is just that- practice!  Practice yoga every damn day....and see how all areas of your life benefit.

upward facing dog wearing Tiny Fish marbles printed leggings

(Tiny Fish Marbles leggings)

Upward facing dog is one of my most favourite poses. Challenging, but I love the strength and heart opening I feel every time I do push up wearing tiny fish marbles printed leggings

(Tiny Fish Marbles Leggings)

 Chaturanga- or the yoga push up, is an essential transition pose and an incredible straight building platform for all the other more challenging arm balancing postures. But don't be fool this is not by any means easy.....its taken me years to get this right and some days I still struggle with finding the strength and getting the technique right.

handstand practice wear Tiny Fish Royals printed leggings
(Tiny Fish Royals Leggings)
I've been on a little bit of a handstand practice mission lately, as its been a yoga asana goal of mine. I find this very challenging mostly because inverting yourself is always a little uncomfortable and your visual perspective changes rising a fear of falling on your face. This pose requires abdominal and arm strength and control, breath control and a lot of practice. But its an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you can finally get up and hold the posture.
shoulder stand wearing Tiny Fish Piha printed crops
(Tiny Fish Piha Printed Crops)
Inversions are very much apart of yoga practice. Because our lives our spend upright, to invert yourself is an incredible and healthy release. There are so many different inversion postures in yoga, so finding one that's right for you is not a problem and then practice every day.
Yoga is part of who I am and something that is really important to living my best possible life. Its a personal practice, not something I do to fit into a group or fashion.....its for me to complement my lifestyle, health and happiness.

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